Examples of Our Fresh Perspective 
Our School Partnerships
We partner with schools to create systematic changes in special education and related services programs (SLP, OT, PT) to achieve measureable, cost effective results.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Our approach enables businesses that provide staff and services to differentiate themselves by focusing on achieving quality outcomes. 

We partner with schools and businesses that provide services, personnel, or products to schools. This includes companies that provide staff, offer speech-language intervention and education, publish tests or materials, host conferences and/or professional development programs. We bring comprehensive expertise gained through years of experience with public and charter schools, businesses, professional associations, and universities. 

Consulting Services

Our Comprehensive Review and Analysis Process

  1. Jointly explore vision and goals.
  2. Define opportunities based on strengths, challenges, and trends.
  3. Present innovative solutions and specific strategies.
  4. ​Develop systematic, standardized processes to ensure that initiatives​ are sustainable. 
  5. Guide team members as they weave the processes into their daily practices.

We Can Help You.....

  • Explore new business directions or growth potential
  • Design new products or programs
  • Optimize team talent and foster a positive collaborative culture
  • Conduct external evaluations to facilitate executive decision making
  • Offer leadership development and team training programs to build expertise
  • Prepare customized communications, case studies, or manuals
  • Develop curriculum and implementation guides for staff or customers

Our Partners' Comments

"CSSE's expertise has allowed us to develop and manage our special education programs much more efficiently; but more importantly, much more effectively.  Jean and Holly break down the issues and develop a plan for success."

- Don Scheeler, Exec.VP, Specialized Services, Learn It Systems


​“We can’t thank you enough for sharing your wisdom with us. The research you did ahead of time put everything you said in the "spot on" category."  

- June Whitehead, CEO, Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services

"As someone who is 'execution-oriented', I found value in setting goals for each of the topics. Thanks again for your insight and for the tremendous value you added to our future.”

- Mark Norris, President, Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services

​​“Jean and Holly's excellent case study highlights the value and benefits of the IBCCES autism specialist certificates. Their research process and writing reflects their in-depth understanding of autism and the need for highly qualified personnel to serve individuals with autism and their families in our schools, clinics, and communities.”

​- Myron Pincomb, Board Chairman, International Board of Credentailing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES)

Project Highlights

Balance 360 Nutrition Guide

Developed a parent friendly guide to explain a complex nutrition approach for Brain Balance Achievement Centers

​IBCCES Builds a Network of Support for Autism

Case study to highlight the benefits of IBCCES, an international credentialing and certification organization. IBCCES.org