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Let's Talk Today Calendar September

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Let's Talk Today! Calendar Cover

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Results of CSSE's Customized and Innovative Solutions

· Cost savings​​

​​· Strategic growth

· New initiatives
· Improved strategic planning and problem solving

· Collaborative and productive team collaboration​​

· Streamlined therapy and/or business practices

· Orientation, leadership development, & career mentoring programs​​

​​​​CSSE transforms speech-language intervention and special education to ensure positive outcomes! 

Creative Strategies for Special Education (CSSE) is passionate about improving the quality of speech-language therapy and special education services for kids with disabilities to increase their potential for success in their home, school and community. We partner with school administrators, educators, therapists, and businesses that provide special education services and staffs to schools. We design innovative intervention programs; train leaders, staff, and teams; and create practical intervention resources. 

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We achieve our mission by working with school and business partners to design innovative programs; train leaders and teams; and develop innovative intervention resources and service delivery approaches.

​​Creating New Approaches and Intervention Resources

We help our partners achieve their vision and goals by jointly exploring challenges and exploring opportunities. Our customized strategic solutions enable systematic and systemic changes. We guide implementation of new processes and standardized procedures into each organization's unique structure and culture. 

Professional Training & Development

CSSE's Achieve New Heights workshops are relevant and tailored to meet your needs. Our workshops are engaging, interactive, and immediately applicable. 

Calendar of Daily Activities for Teaching Language Skills at Home

This practical resource can be shared with parents and teachers. Designed to stimulate development of language skills of children ages 3-7 to improve communication and learning.

The Let’s Talk Today! Kit includes:
  • Letter/Instructions to Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP)
  • Letter/Instructions to Parents
  • 12-month calendar format
  • Easy to implement activities and techniques at home
  • 10 SLP recommended language facilitation techniques
  • 400+ fun activities that target important language skills


Calendar consists of: 

  • Letter to Educators
  • Letter/Instructions to Parents
  • 12-month calendar format
  • Educator recommended instructional techniques
  • 365 activities that target important learning skills (ages5+ typically developing or with learning challenges)
  • Activities and techniques that can be easily integrated into
    ​homes or classrooms
  • Hard copy or downloadable versions